2020 Pledge

October 17, 2019
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Christ is in our midst! 

This past year has been full of prayer and growth at St. John the Baptist in Post Falls, ID! We have prayed together, studied together, fellowship together and grown closer to our God, the Holy Trinity in this year. We have had many new families join our community during this past year. The number of families with children has skyrocketed, raising the number of children in our parish to almost 60. By the grace of God, and through your dedication, we will continue to grow in faith and numbers! Glory to God for all things! 

The blessed work of St. John the Baptist parish does indeed go on! There are many and varied ministries being accomplished to God’s glory in our parish due to the generosity and faithful stewardship of every one of you who are members and friends of St. John. Thank you for your faithfulness! Since this year is rapidly drawing to a close, the Parish Council is crafting our new parish budget for 2020, and now we need your help! 

Year over year, we have had a mere one-third of our families tithing. This letter is an encouragement to actively participate in the ongoing life and ministries of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church. If we can accomplish what we have with so little, imagine the possibilities if every family would tithe as little as 10%! This can be accomplished through the grateful sharing of the many blessings that God has given each and every one of us to further His work in the parish and community. With the cost of living always rising, we are in need of more financial resources as a parish. Please increase your support at this time of need – it would be a true blessing for not only the present, but the future of this Holy Church. 

I am requesting that each family respond no later than Sunday, November 3rd so that the Parish Council can develop an accurate budget in time for the all-parish meeting on November 10th. Please fill out the attached pledge sheet and return it to the parish either by mail or by dropping it in the offering box at the church building. You may also email our Treasurer, Jennifer Tecca (tecca6@comcast.net) with your pledge in order to save time and enable us to get our budget work done as soon as possible. Please be generous and thus help us accomplish much in this upcoming New Year for Christ and His Holy Orthodox Church! Remember: you can never out-give God who has poured out so many blessings on each of us! Thank you beloved children in Christ, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! 

Yours in the Love of our Lord Jesus, 
Fr. Mark Townsend 

A physical copy of the pledge form can be found here.