St. John the Baptist 60 Greek Dinner Festival Fri, 24 Jan 2014 19:06:58 -0500 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src=""> <big><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church</span><br style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(153, 0, 0);" /><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0); font-weight: bold;">75th Annual Greek Dinner Festival</span><br /><br />1703 N. Washington, Spokane, WA<br />Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sept. 23, 24, 25 2010<br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 0, 153);">Greek  Pastry, Taverna, Dancing, Deli, and Cooking Demonstrations</span></big><br /> <br /> Pastry available daily from 11 AM<br /> Dinner served 4:30 - 8:00<br /> Dine in or carry out<br /> Tickets in advance: $12 adults <br /> $6 under age 12<br /> At the door: $15 adults <br /><br /> Lunch menu at 11 AM Thursday &amp; Friday<br /> <div style="text-align: left;"> Souvlaki at the Grill nightly from 4:30 and  from noon on Saturday<br /> </div> <br /> <span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 204);">Advance tickets available at:</span><br /> <br /> <span id="spnContent" class="maintext"><font><font>Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church<br /> </font></font></span><small><big>1703 N Washington St, Spokane</big></small><big>&nbsp;</big>509-328-9310<br /> <span style="font-weight: normal;">(during Festival preparations)</span><br /> <span id="spnContent" class="maintext"><font><font><br /> </font></font></span><span id="spnContent" class="maintext"><font><font>City Ramp Parking Garage</font></font></span><br /> 430 W 1st Ave, Spokane  509-624-1313<br /> <br /> <span id="spnContent" class="maintext"><font><font>Santorini Greek Restaurant</font></font></span><small><br /> <big>112 N Howard St, Spokane</big></small><big>&nbsp;</big>509-456-2349<br /> <br /> <span id="spnContent" class="maintext"><font><font>Arger Real Estate<br /> </font></font></span><small><big>300 N. Mullen Rd, Suite 204, Spokane</big></small><big>&nbsp;</big>509-926-5311<br /> <span id="spnContent" class="maintext"></span><br /> <strong></strong><span id="spnContent" class="maintext"><font><font>The Olympia Restaurant</font></font></span><strong></strong> <br /> 301 E. Lakeside, Coeur d'Alene  208-666-9495<br /> <br /> <span id="spnContent" class="maintext"></span> <strong></strong><span id="spnContent" class="maintext"><font><font>Santorini's Greek Cuisine</font></font></span><strong></strong> <br /> 4055 North Government Way, Coeur d'Alene  208-676-0401<br /> <br /> <br /> <big>Dining Room (lower level)                </big><br /> Our menu features Beef Kapama, beef braised to perfection in an authentically Greek spiced tomato sauce – a parish favorite. Our imported Greek orzo pasta, tossed with browned butter and myzithra cheese, is true Greek “comfort food.”                     <br /> To be seated as efficiently as possible, please purchase your tickets in the hall, then exchange them for a seating number.  (If you bought tickets in advance, go directly to get your seating number.) When your number is called, you will be seated in our dining room.  <span style="font-style: italic;">Kali orexi!</span> Good appetite!<br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Baskets of Joy</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);"> -</span>  A raffle with a choice! Buy as many <br /> tickets as you want for as many of the different theme <br /> baskets as catch your fancy!<br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Greek Deli &amp; Boutique</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);"> -</span>  Greek cheeses, olives, appetizers, and import items. Try the Kasseri cheese – it’s delicious!<br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Greek Pastry Booth</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);"> -</span>  Let us show you the many ways <br /> we can transform honey, nuts, butter, eggs and spices <br /> into delectable morsels! <br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Dinners to Go</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">&nbsp;</span>-  If you’re in a hurry, our complete meal <br /> is available from our outdoor take-out tent. <br /> (You may use your dinner ticket here, or just pay at the counter.) <br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Grill</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);"> -</span>  Greek shish-kebabs (“souvlakia”) grilled and <br /> “baptized” in our special lemon and herb marinade. <br /> Also Greek salads and vegetarian plates.  <br /> (You may also exchange your dinner tickets for grill items.) <br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Taverna</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);"> -</span> Wine and beer are available with Greek appetizers. <br /> <br style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);" /> <big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Loukoumades -</span>  </big>Deep-fried puffs of dough drizzled <br /> with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Perfect with <br /> coffee on an autumn evening. <br /> <br /> <big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Kafeneon -</span>  </big>Authentic Greek coffee – something no <br /> espresso stand can match!<br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Greek Dancing</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);"> -</span>  By our “Opa” dancers. “Opa” is <br /> Greek for <span style="font-style: italic;">olé </span>– you’ll see why! <br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Book Store</big><span style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);"> -</span> With Orthodox books and religious items. <br /> <br /> <big style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">Church Tours -</big>   Experience a traditional ancient Christian place of worship. Have a question? Just ask! </div> St. John the Baptist