Ministry and Engagement

In the Orthodox Church, we participate in the energies of God. Our salvation is a synergistic relationship with the Creator of all things! Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the perfect example of servant and master and it is by Him that we are able to serve in any capacity. 

If you are interested in serving, please consider the following ministries and reach out to the leaders of those ministries (by clicking on the image associated with the ministry). If you have a talent or calling that is not listed below, please reach out to any of our clergy and let them know!

St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church utilizes to organize our ministries. If you have a smartphone, download the app!

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Antiochian Men

Focuses on developing and fostering among men throughout the parish a spirit of Christian fellowship, leadership, awareness, and commitment as taught in the Holy Orthodox Church.

Aaron Plew


Christian Education

Christian education focuses on teaching the Orthodox Faith to our preschool, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, and adults (Catechism).

Sara Plew



Focuses on chanting and singing for the divine services.




Young Adult Ministry

Focuses on cultivating and strengthening love for Jesus Christ and His Church among young adults.

Contact Fr. Mark Townsend

Order of St. Ignatius

The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch is an organization of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America with the objective of financially supporting the departments, programs, and charitable works of the Antiochian Archdiocese, Patriarchate of Antioch, and the Orthodox Christian faith. The Order assists the Antiochian Archdiocese in its continued effort to reach out to all in need and bring to them the message of the Gospel.

Safety (Risk Management)

Focuses on risk assessment, risk analysis, risk mitigation, and risk management.



Antiochian Women

To develop among women throughout the Antiochian Archdiocese a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness, and commitment as taught in the Holy Orthodox Church. 

Katie Conrad




Focuses on preparing, serving, and cleaning of agape meals and special events.

Ignatius Chapman




Focuses on the care and maintenance of St. John the Baptist property.

Rob Schannep


Christian Charities

Focuses on organizing, communicating, and directing those who are interested in giving their treasure, time, and talents to internal and/or external opportunities.

Jeane Plastino-Wood


IT Team

Focuses on assessment, analysis, and implementation of purpose-driven technology objectives.

Nicholas Molloy


Front Office Administration

Focuses on the development of communication, marketing, and engagement materials in addition to day-to-day tasks as needed.