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Birthday: November 17, 1983 Reposed: August 24, 2010

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George B. Al Hayek, 26, the youngest of five sons of Bassam and Hiam Al Hayek, was a private security officer who was shot to death on August 24, 2010 during an altercation with a group of people in an alley outside an east Spokane apartment complex. The fatal confrontation occurred as Al Hayek patrolled a nearby building campus. George, a married father of a young girl, (8 years old at the time of his death) earned a law degree from a Jerusalem university and moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 2006 from his family’s home in Beit Sahour. He had married a Palestinian American girl whom he met when she visited Bethlehem. He joined his family in Spokane in May of 2010 as he wanted to be closer to his parents, brothers and sisters.. He planned to save money to move his wife, Summer, and daughter, Natalia, to Spokane. Family and friends described George as quiet, polite and meticulous. He took his Greek Orthodox faith and its sacred traditions very seriously, wore a cross, went to church, and knew the history of his land (Palestine) from beginning to end. He wore a Christian countenance too, was kind to everyone, shy, unassuming, generous, never judgmental, and always a willing helper. George B. Al Hayek has been laid to rest in the St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church Cemetery. He is survived by his mother, father, four brothers, two sisters, wife and daughter.

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