St. John The Baptist

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America * Post Falls, ID

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Birthdays, Feast Days and Anniversaries ​

Dates here are gathered from and maintained in the Members Directory. If something is missing or inaccurate, please let us know using the form below!

Upcoming Birthdays the next 90 days.
+ Maebelle Marie Johns + February 2nd
+ Jack Richard Weingand + March 22nd
+ James Bourekis + March 30th
+ Albert Parsons + April 3rd
+ Michele Pauline Kutulas + April 8th
Lasha Michelle Molloy April 12th
+ Susan Ann Paschal + April 12th
+ George Hari Kutulas + April 18th

Names Days over the next 90 days
Lasha Michelle Molloy April 12th

Upcoming Anniversaries the next 90 days.
Lasha Michelle Molloy February 1st
Joseph Andrew Molloy March 2nd

Remembrance Days over the next 90 days
+ Michael Sorren Kerr + January 20th
+ Dolores Elizabeth Parsons + January 20th
+ George Nolan + January 22nd
+ Paul Truebenbach + January 27th
+ Charles Herman Garbinski + February 19th
+ Lucille Julia Horton + February 25th
+ Thomas Jeffrey Stevens + March 6th
+ Stefan Kupcow + April 14th